OQ is an international integrated energy company with roots in Oman – operating in 13 countries and covering the entire value chain from exploration and production to marketing and distribution of end-user products. OQ Supply & Trading is responsible for managing the domestic and international supply of OQ products, as well as trading both OQ and third party crude oil, petroleum products, petrochemicals, LNG and dry bulk.

Who we are

Incorporated in Dubai in 2006, OQ Supply & Trading (formerly Oman Trading International) is today a global player, with offices in Asia, Europe, the Middle East and USA, trading nearly 30 million tonnes of energy products each year. We provide logistical solutions and risk management tools to those who require it, facilitating transactions while minimising risk to the parties involved.

What We Do

Moving commodities in large quantities will involve a variety of activities including sourcing, storing, transporting, blending and delivering. At OQ Supply & Trading we excel at managing the associated risks and complexities.


Crude Oil

OQ Supply & Trading is an independent marketer and trader of crude oil, having commenced trading at 12 kbpd in 2006 and grown to around 250 kbpd by 2019...

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Refined Products

Refined products are derived from crude oil through processes such as distillation and catalytic cracking.  Refining is necessary to transform ...

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OQ Supply & Trading is a leading global physical and derivative player in the petrochemical industry. We physically manage over 4.5 million...

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Liquified Natural Gas (LNG), as the name implies, is gaseous natural gas that has been processed to remove certain components, typically...

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Dry Bulk

Petroleum coke (Petcoke) and Elemental Sulphur (sulphur) are both by-products recovered during the oil and gas production and refining processes...

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With our global reach, exceptional relationships and the expertise of our teams, we can provide our business partners and stakeholders with a wide range of value-added services and business solutions.

Value Chain

The oil and gas value chain consists of three main sectors: upstream, midstream, and downstream - beginning with exploring and producing crude and ending with the provision of refined products to consumers.




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