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Value Chain

The oil and gas value chain starts with exploring and producing crude and ends with providing refined products to end consumers. OQ Supply & Trading acts as a service provider to the value chain by buying and selling energy in its various forms to customers around the world.

As OQ builds on a successful business model, it continues to seek new opportunities for value integration.



OQ Supply & Trading acquired 40% of Hass Petroleum in 2017, a retail and distribution company with a presence in 9 East African markets. The company owns and has access to more than 80,000cbm of storage and growing retail network.
Hass Petroleum is a leading regional oil marketing company, incorporated in 1997. It has a significant presence in East, Central and Horn of Africa. Key assets include major oil terminals, retail station networks and established supply chain infrastructure. Its product range consists of all white oils, namely: Diesel, Gasoline, Jet A1, Kerosene, Liquefied Petroleum Gas (LPG) and its own brand of lubricants, blended to world-class standards.

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