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What We Do

At OQ Supply & Trading, our business revolves around commodities trading, marketing and supply chain management. We have successfully established a global presence as one of the world’s major participants in the commodities trading industry – including building long-term strategic relationships with important players (producers and end-users) within the market. Having offices in five of the main trading hubs around the world (Dubai, Houston, Rotterdam, Shanghai and Singapore) provides us with a global reach and enables swift reaction to market changes/dynamics. Our commitment to delivering the best results for our counterparties and our profound understanding of our markets enable us to achieve the best outcome on every transaction.

We are not bound by geographical constraints – offices spanning three continents provide us with round-the-clock business coverage. Our customers are numerous and include the world’s largest national oil companies as well as refiners, producers, international oil companies and independent trading houses. We pride ourselves on creating trusting relationships with customers and suppliers alike and have plans to further expand our global presence with the opening of additional offices and strategic investments in areas of growth.

With our activities spanning across all segments of the oil and gas value chain, our clients rely on us to deliver to their unique specifications – on time and on-spec for every transaction.



The International Energy Agency (IEA) predicts a 30% increase in global energy needs by 2040, with demand for both crude oil and natural gas growing over this period.  Much of modern industry relies on crude oil and its by-products, resulting in the continued growth in its global use, whether it be to produce petrochemicals (the building blocks of modern consumer products) or as fuel for transportation (including aviation and shipping).  Natural gas demand will also grow, especially in developing economies, due to the benefits it offers compared to other fossil fuels.  Although products derived from the oil and gas industry are consumed across all countries globally, there are only a few nations who are major producers of these products.



Having earned a reputation for being a trustworthy and reliable counterparty has enabled us to build long-term strategic relationships with major players (producers and end-users alike) within the industry. With our global reach, exceptional relationships and the expertise of our teams, we can provide our business partners and stakeholders with a wide range of value-added services and business solutions.


Value chain

The oil and gas value chain starts with exploring and producing crude and ends with providing refined products to end consumers. OQ Supply & Trading acts as a service provider to the value chain by buying and selling energy in its various forms to customers around the world. As OQ builds on a successful business model, it continues to seek new opportunities for value integration.

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